Why Do We Get Hives?

Hives are generally described as a skin condition characterized by flat, slightly raised bumps with severe itching. They are generally caused due to allergic reaction to a perfume, medicine or food item that leads to raised white bumps surrounded by a reddish area.

They can appear on any body part and differ in size, from a few to several millimeters in diameter. Unfortunately, discovering the cause of hives can be difficult. So you might keep wondering as to why I get Hives? It is advisable to work with an allergist who can help you discover the root cause of the hives.

Mostly hives appear suddenly and disappear without any treatment within days and sometimes within minutes. They are generally caused when the body produces histamine in reaction to allergies, mainly allergies to certian food like peanuts, milk, shellfish, strawberries and sometimes to drug or to chemicals such as laundry soap or perfume.

Therefore, it is suggested if the cause of hives is obvious, you should eliminate its use if possible. If the cause of them is vague, you should eliminate nonessential drugs until the outbreak has subsided.

Reasons Why We Get Hives

Basically, hives are of two types: acute hives and chronic hives. Acute hives can last up to 6 weeks and are caused majorly because bites, certain food and drug allergies. On the other hand, chronic hives generally appear and reappear within long periods of time.

The cause of this type of hives is vague. Some doctors consider stress and anxiety as the major cause of such hives. It is significant for the treatment of hives to know and control the causes. Some of the common causes of hives are mentioned below that will help you in selecting suitable treatment for them..

What Are Your Hives?

  • Acute and Chronic hives are mostly caused due to stress and anxiety. Therefore, try to take time for yourself to relax.

  • Allergic reactions are the common cause of acute hives in people. When you are allergic to certain Medications, insect bites, perfume and foods, perhaps hives can appear on your skin surface within a few minutes to a few hours. The elimination of these substances can lead to great improvement.

  • Hives can also appear because of physical agents such as heat, sunlight, cold and water pressure.

  • Autoimmune disorder such as lupus and thyroid can trigger an outbreak of hives. It is a good idea to let your doctor to perform the necessary tests for these diseases if your hives are chronic.

In the meantime, while you are trying to find the cause of hives, you can take antihistamine to relieve the symptoms. Antihistamine such as benadryl, diphenhydramine, hydroxyzine or cetirizine is a good option to relieve the symptoms.

In order to know the exact reasons for your hives please observe the conditions that prevailed before occurrence.