What are Widespread Hives?

Itchy swollen patches or rashes on the skin are referred to as hives. They usually appear all of a sudden on the skin. The location, shape and size of the hive patch change rapidly and repeatedly. The patches can last from several minutes to several hours.

Many patients wonder as to what is widespread hives. It is a category of hives that impact multiple parts of the body at a time.

The medical term used to describe hives are urticaria. They occur due to some kind of an allergic reaction in the skin. The reaction can originate from specific foods or some other sources as well. Both kinds of hives, that is widespread hives and localized hives usually come and go for several days to a week.

Often they tend to reappear weeks or months later. In a few cases the rash can continue to prevail for months at a stretch.

What is Widespread Hives

When multiple areas of the body are affected by hives, the condition is referred to as widespread hives. Widespread hives can occur due to an allergic reaction to a food or some kind of a cosmetic product, insect bite, drug or some other substance. The causes of widespread hives are no different from other hives.

Sometimes it may happen that widespread hives show up after a viral infection. However, in these cases the exact cause of the hives is not known.

The major symptoms of hives widespread are listed below:

  • Sudden onset
  • Red marks all over the body resembling mosquito bites
  • The marks changing their shape, size and location rapidly
  • Swellings accompanied by severe itching
  • Welts that last for more than twenty-four hours signal widespread hives
  • Angiodema is another indicator of widespread hives.

Treatment of Widespread Hives

A very prevalent skin disease, hives has more than one way to deal with. The best medicine available to treat widespread hives is antihistamines. Antihistamines are very effective in relieving the itching that is caused due to hives. Drugs like Atarax, Tagament, Seldane and Benadryl contain antihistamines.

It is also advisable that you take loratadine to treat widespread hives.

Apart from this, the alternative way of treating hives is nutritional pills or other stuffs which are functional in increasing the immunity of the body.

Natural remedies for widespread hives:

There are some natural ways by which one can control hives. The ways are listed below:

  • Lukewarm Water Bath: A bath with tepid water is very helpful for widespread hives. It helps in relieving the severe itching that is accompanied with widespread hives.
  • Removing Allergens: If the hive has been triggered by pollens, take a bath to remove the allergens.
  • Avoid Allergens: If you are able to identify a substance that causes hives, try and avoid that.

Widespread hives is a quite prevalent skin condition. It can be more or less severe but can be successfully treated if diagnosed on time. If taken proper care and the medicines are administered timely, all types of hives can be cured completely.