What are Skin Welts?

Skin Welts are bumps, ridge, or swelling of unbroken skin. It occurs due to the fluid which builds up directly under the surface of the skin. The word “WELT” has number of non-medical meaning too which includes in process of sewing, an edge of cloth folded on itself, often over a cord, and the sewed down and in the process of Shoemaking, a narrow strip of leather around shoe.

Welts can surface your skin in different colors too. Actually, a Skin welt is a very common problem.

However, Skin welts can be found most commonly in wounds. Teenagers and children’s are more prone to becoming the victims of skin welts as compared to adults. Since, in the body of teenagers more scare tissues are being produced which result in skin welts.

The chief factor responsible for the skin welt is the scar tissues, which are produced in the body.

Skin Trauma

In most of the cases, welts are seen to be bright red to a light pink. However, sometimes it may not be visible as they may be of same color of your skin. Generally, Skin Welt is essentially a swollen portion on the surface of the skin. One of the important and basic symptoms of welts is that it is very itchy.

Skin welts can appear due to many different reasons. If any person’s skin is severally whipped, it will most certainly cause Skin Welts. In addition, Allergic reactions can also result in skin welts. When the Skin welts produce the sign of an existing medical problem, they are then normally accompanied by other symptoms, which provides evidence of that medical attention must be sought.

Physical trauma can cause Skin welts, which includes a blow. However, skin welts can also occur due to allergic reactions, insect bites, infections, and a skin reaction in sensitive people. In some of the people with a dermographism, even a simple touch can cause skin welt to emerge.

Typically, skin welt is pale red, although welts may have a whitened area in the center. Some of the welts are also surrounded by a streak of reddish or pale skin.

Allergic Reaction Welts

When the skin welt is a sign of an allergic reaction or any other infection, it can result in a much worse condition. In some of the cases, patient may also require a medical treatment. For example, when a person’s welt characterize as the itchy rash known as hives.

This condition emerges when the person experiences sever allergic reactions. Moreover, the appearance of hives can be an indication of anaphylactic shock. Anaphylactic Shock is a medical condition in which one can be left in a deadly situation if left untreated.

For people with a sensitive skin, prone to an allergy, such as hives or shingles, skin welts may be a common experience.

No need to worry about the skin welts here. Moreover, if the Skin welts appear to be large or spreading, getting proper medical attention is always advisable. However, a doctor can determine the exact cause of the skin welt simply bt asking questions and touching the area of skin.

A Doctor can also suggest the best cause of medicine ranging from topical skin creams to soothe irritation and suggest other aggressive anti allergy treatments.

Remember there are a number of medications available to treat skin welts. However, in some of the cases skin welts may not heal quickly despite of prolonged medication. One must consult the dermatologist for the best advice.