Treatment of Hives Due to Allergy

Hives or urticaria are red, itchy, raised bumps on the skin that appear in varying shapes and sizes. The size of hives varied from few millimeters to several inches in diameter and can be round or form rings or large patches.

It is a harmless, but irritable, type of rash or skin allergy that can be caused due to allergy from weather to food, but is mainly caused by medications, foods or insect bites.

Hives usually affects the throat, arms, legs and trunk. About 20 % of the world’s population will experience this allergy at some time in their lives.

Acute hives is the condition when the rash lasts less than six weeks. Chronic hives is a condition when the rash lasts for more than six weeks.

In chronic cases, it is difficult to identify the offending allergen as compare to acute cases. In 80 % of chronic hives case, the offending allergen responsible is unknown.

Hives can be caused due to stress, allergic reaction and infections. However, it is mostly caused by an allergic reaction to food or drugs. Usually hives that are caused by allergy go away without treatment but at times patient requires immediate treatment.

Some of the treatment option for hives that is caused due to allergy is mentioned below.


Take an oral OTC antihistamine such as Benadryl to treat the hives that are caused due to allergy. This is the quickest and easiest way to reduce the symptoms of hives that are caused due to allergy. There are alternative treatments to this skin allergy as listed below.

You can use zytec orclartin, second generation OTC non sedating antihistamines if over sedation is a matter. Include inexpensive OTC gastric reflux medicine such as rantidine orcimetidine to your antihistamine treatment for quick results.

Keep a hives dairy and note down the things that appear to trigger hives.

Several allergic reactions can cause hives. The most possible causes of hives are food, sunlight, exercise medications, or viral infection. It is important for individual to know the cause of hives so that he can avoid the offender.

Cool compresses can help you to overcome the symptoms of hives that re caused due to allergy. Use ice bags on the affected area of hives to cure it.

Keep the affected area away from humidity and heat. Mint can also be used for curing it. Don’t scratch the affected area because it becomes difficult to get rid of hives if you continuously scratching it.

You can also use lavender, angelica, myrrh and lemon in the bath to feel calm and relax.

Use essential oil such as peppermint, patchouly, lavender, helichrysum and valerian to relieve itching and give a cool, smoothening feel to the affected area. Essential oils such as oregano, celery seed, ravensara, rosemary, chamomile and fennel can be applied to encourage cleansing and elimination of toxins.

You can also try another natural product – quercetin. It’s a pigment that is found in several foods such as apples, onions and green vegetables. This product acts as a natural antihistamine.

Take immediate action for medical intervention if hives result in breathing difficulty.