Treatment of Chronic Hives

Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria, commonly known by the name of Hives is an allergic condition which may react to single or multiple allergens and the allergen also might not become apparent ever.

The term Idiopathic, which means ‘reason unknown’, is attached to it as the allergen sometimes may go unnoticed.

Basically the symptoms of this condition may vary from individual to individual as when it comes to size and appearance, symptoms showing rings, patches, bumps, rashes, etc. Swelling is generally common in all.

The term Chronic is also associated with this condition as the symptoms of it may be or become recurrent in nature. Generally chronic term is attached to it only after the symptoms keep on recurring to the sufferer fro two to six weeks. There are some cases in which the sufferer may be affected with irritating outbreaks on a daily basis.

If you too are suffering from such a condition, then there are some cures which might prove to be little or immense help to you.

Natural Treatments

Some natural effective treatments for hives: If you want to treat your hives concern naturally then here are some of the really effective treatments you can go for while or before suffering from a hives attack.

If you are suffering severely from hives outbreaks then a tested and tried treatment for hives is Vitamin D2’s heavy dosage. Daily sunlight is a great source of this nutrient. Although, for additional intake other than sunlight, the patient must contact his or her doctor.

Ice packs or cold packs straight from freezer may prove to be helpful in reducing the swelling and level of irritation of the hives.

Calamine lotion may prove to be immensely helpful in the condition of common hives.
If you actually want to go for natural treatments then a good idea would be to use Cat’s Claw. This is a medicine to speed up the entire suffering of the victim.

The natural antioxidants present in the herbal tea can be of real good to a patient suffering from hives.

Aloe Vera gel is also a kind of ointment which provides quick relief from the disturbing of hives attack.

Vitamin E oil and peanut oil are also some of the liquids which if applied daily to a hives patient may work wonders.