Treating Hives with Benadryl

Hives are skin rashes that form red bumps anywhere in the body. Hives can be of any size and shape. They appear like mosquito bites. Hives causes itching or burning sensation in the skin. It also causes swelling and discomfort.

Hives generally occur if a person has an auto immune disorder, or if a person is allergic to a substance such as food, medications, pets, dust etc. Hives can also occur because of a viral infection, physical factors like cold weather, or too much sunlight.

Hives usually do not last for long, but if it does not then you will need to seek medical attention. There are many ways to cure hives and treating hives with Benadryl is one of the common ways.

What is Benadryl?

Benadryl is an antihistamine. It contains histamine blockers called diphenhydramine, which blocks the action of releasing histamines to the skin which is the primary reason for skin rashes or hives.

There are several byproducts of Benadryl such as Benadryl cream, Benadryl spray, Benadryl liquid, Benadryl kapgels, Benadryl fast melts. We will look at how each of these can be used to treat hives.

Types of Benadryl

  • Benadryl Cream – Benadryl cream is an anti-itch cream which is used to reduce itching of hives. It can be used for any age group (above 2yrs). It can be applied directly on the hives and you will find relief from itching almost instantly. This cream should be applied not more than four times a day. After using the cream, ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly with soap.
  • Benadryl Spray – Benadryl spray again can be sprayed directly on the hives. This will help reduce itching and redness caused due to hives. Ensure you keep the spray away from children.
  • Benadryl liquid – Benadryl liquid is mostly used to treat hives in children. Benadryl liquid or syrup must be taken orally. It can be given to children between the age group 6 to 11 years. The dosage amount should be decided by the child’s weight. Usually the liquid comes with a dosage chart, so that doses can be properly administered.
  • Benadryl Kapgels – Benadryl kapgels are pills that can be taken every 4-6 hrs to treat hives. This works great if you have developed hives because of an allergic reaction. These pills can be given to both children (above 12yrs of age) and adults. However not more than 6 doses can be taken in day.
  • Benadryl fast melts –Benadryl fast melts again can be used to treat hives both in children and adults. Fast melts helps in relieving itchiness and redness caused due to hives. The product comes with a dosing chart which will help in administering the right dosage.

These are some of the ways Benadryl can be used to treat hives. Children below 2 yrs should not be given Benadryl. Children above 2 yrs can be given Benadryl to treat hives only if consulted with the pediatrician.