Localized Hives

Hives is a medical condition which affects the skin. In medical terms it is referred to as urticaria. An essentially external disorder, hives affect the skin.

Hives affecting a certain body part is referred to as localized hives. Hives are characterized by itchy swollen patches that appear all of a sudden. The location of the hive might change rapidly and repeatedly. The patches sometime last from several minutes to several hours and these are usually pink to red in color.

Localized hives occur in a particular area of the body. They crop up on certain areas of the body and do not frequently spread on to other parts of the body. It occurs when the skin comes into contact with plants and pollens, certain kinds of food or chemical, or may be pet saliva.

Common food allergens for hives are shellfish, nuts, tomatoes and the like.

A localized anaphylactic reaction that involves superficial blood vessels lead to urticaria or localized hives as it is commonly known as.

Hives begin to appear on the areas where histamine has been released along with other active substances. After this, welts appear on the skin in a localized form. The skin or the mucous membranes are the main targets of this disease.

Close Contact Hives

Though there are numerous causes of hives, localized hives usually occur when the skin comes into contact with plants, pollen, and any kind of chemical or pet saliva. Sometimes infections and swallowed food allergens can lead to localized hives.

The localized hives are usually cured within a few hours. Localized hives are very itchy and the skin is covered with rashes. The skin gets red or pink spots all over.

There are no permanent cures for localized hives as such. However, they can be treated. Some of the ways by which localized hives can be treated are listed below.

Treatment for Localized Hives

Medicines meant for treating mastocytosis can be used for treating localized hives as well.

According to a clinical study nifedipine, a drug used to treat high blood pressure, can be used to treat localized hives. Another option available is the antihistamines. Sometimes desensitization could be used with hot baths, but this needs to initiate under medical care.

Avoiding hives can be a little difficult, but there are ways by which they can be prevented. It is recommended that if you have started taking a medicine, stop it as soon as possible because the hive can be a reaction to that medicine.

Since localized hives are initiated by pollens and animal contact take a shower with cold water. Strictly avoid use of hot water, vigorous toweling or tight clothing.
It is also advisable to wash the allergic substance off the skin with soap and water.

Hives are skin disorders which occur naturally. Like any other hive, localized hives can also be easily treated but there are no sure shot ways to prevent the disease. The best way is to identify the common causes of hives and avoid such situations.

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