Hives During Menstrual Cycle

A very common skin disorder, hives, affect all and sundry. It is evident among all of the age groups, sexes, and ethnicities. They can come and go any time during a person’s lifetime. Hives are characterized by red swellings on the skin which are often accompanied by itching.

Women are no exception to this rule. Often women experience hives attack while menstruation. The hormonal changes caused during periods can cause hives. However, cases of hives attack during periods are very rare. It is believed that women while menstruating might become sensitive to certain allergens and the body immediately reacts when they come into contact with those allergens.

The symptoms and the treatment of hives during menstrual cycle happen to be the same. The major symptoms include:

  • Sudden onset of the eruptions all over the skin.
  • Red marks all over the body resembling mosquito bites.
  • The swellings are accompanied by severe itching.
  • Welts on the skin lasting for than twenty-four hours signals hives.

The exact causes of hives during menstrual cycle are rather difficult to detect, but it has been reported that many women complain the spread of hives while they are menstruating.

Menstruation can be very stressful for women as the body undergoes certain changes during menstruation. This stress can often lead to development of hives which can be very unbearable for them.

Treating hives during menstrual cycle is possible as the treatment involves the same procedure when it comes to treating normal hives. The natural remedies for hives during menstrual cycle are listed below:

  • Avoid hot water bath: Once suffering from hives one should always avoid taking bath in hot water.

  • Cold water Bath: A bath with cold water is always advisable as it is very helpful for localized as well as widespread hives.

  • Anti-histamines: Anti-histamines can always come to the rescue even during menstrual cycle.
  • Calamine lotion: Applying calamine lotion on the affected areas is quite helpful. It helps in soothing the skin and relieves the victim of the severe itchiness.

  • Oral Anti-histamines: Certain anti-histamines can be administered orally which can be taken with solid food or milk.

  • Creams and Ointments: Corticosteroid creams like Cortaid can come to the rescue. Applying these creams can help in reducing the itchiness.

  • Cold Compress: Since rashes erupt all over the body, cold compress is immensely helpful since it reduces body the temperature and relieves the symptoms.

As hives during menstrual cycle is rare, one might defer seeing the doctor until and unless hives persist even after periods.

If the symptoms persist for more than one or two days, then one might need to see a doctor. Otherwise the normal treatment carried out for hives can be applied in this case as well.

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