Causes of Hives in Adults

Hives are characterized as raised, red itchy patches of the skin that is sometimes triggered by something that produces an allergic reaction.

When there is an allergic reaction the body releases the protein called histamine.

When histamine is released from the body, the capillaries leak fluid which accumulates in the skin and causes a rash. Hives can develop on any part of the body and is often caused by allergies.

Around 15% to 20% of the world’s population will get hives at some point of time in their lives. Eighty percent of people who have chronic hives are idiopathic which means there is no clear cause for the hives.

It is important for people to have knowledge and understanding of the causes of hives in order to have proper treatment. Some of the common causes of hives in adults and children are mentioned below that will help you in selecting the proper treatment for it.

Causes of Hives in Adults

  • Idiopathic: This means that there is no definite cause of hives, it just happens. As said “nothing happens without a reason”, so perhaps poor emotional health or old age can be the cause of hives.
  • Immune system: Chronic hives in adults can be a sign of problems with the immune system. Autoimmune disorders such as lupus and thyroid disease can be related to chronic hive outbreaks. Have your physician to perform the necessary tests for these diseases if your hives are chronic.
  • Allergic reactions: Foods, medications, insect bites are also common cause of hives in adults. When you are allergic to certain food, insect bites and medications, hives can crop up on your skin surface within a few minutes to a few hours. Hives that are caused due to allergic reaction to food will appear shortly after eating. Certain foods that can trigger hives are nuts, garlic, chocolates, citrus fruits and shellfish.
  • Allergic reaction to medications can occur after first dose.
  • Insect bites can also cause a hives outbreak.
  • Stress: It is a common cause of acute and chronic hives. You may not feel particularly stress nut your body can, especially if you are very busy.
  • Infections: viral infection is another common cause of hives in adults. Infections such as urinary tract infection, strep throat infection and athlete’s foot infections are associated with hives.
  • Blood transfusion: Transfusions of blood or blood products can also cause hives.
  • Physical agents: physical agents such as heat, sunlight, cold, water o r pressure can also cause a hives breakout.

Quick Hives Treatment

Antihistamine are the most popular and common treatment for hives in adults.

Antihistamine could be diphenhydramine, benadryl, hydroxyzine or cetirizine, or any other. A specific dose of antihistamine is required to protect the body from the allergic reaction as well as relieve the symptoms.

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